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FREE Email Services currently provided
  • Web-based, secure, permanent email
  • Accessible from anywhere, at anytime
  • Not browser setup needed
  • 6MB accounts (the largest available)
  • Lightning fast service due to our world-class network
  • 99% uptime
  • Send up to 3 attachments
  • Bulk Mail Options: Junk mail automatically sent to an alternate folder
  • Email Notification at another email address when receiving mail
  • Customizable folders
  • Address Book
  • POP Mail Retrieval
  • HTML mail capability: fonts, colors...
  • Account Status Reminder
  • Complete built-in help
  • Message Search
  • Users can create and change their personal signature
  • Aliases & Reply Addresses for outgoing mail
  • Editable Personal Profile
  • Background stationery
  • Fast, Reliable & Scalable: We've partnered with Cisco, Network Appliance, Sun, F5 Networks, and AboveNet to develop services that are fast, reliable and massively scalable. Our superior technology lets us back all of our services with a Service Level Agreement that guarantees 99% uptime

  And you can growth with us, obtaing for a ridiculous cost:

  • Get rid of ads and pop-ups
  • Increase your storage to 25MB
  • Check your mail with POP3
  • Send your mail with SMTP
  • and guaranteed technical support

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